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Presidental Hotel

The Presidential Hotel landscape contains a variety of spaces to look at, pass through, and inhabit.  With the potential addition of new facilities, the complex has the opportunity to expand and diversify the range of outdoor spaces.
Significant complex include the Front Yard Area; the Sport Area; the S.P.A  Center; the Swimming Pool Area; and the Back Yard Area. As the complex develops, new alleys will be needed to connect the ‘desire lines’ of new spaces.  Proposed paths and promenades will contribute significantly to pedestrian convenience and comfort.  These new alleys will create direct links between new parts and existing ho-tel building, and will also engender opportunities for the creation of gathering spaces along them.

Client: Privet Client
Completion Date: 2012
Location: Enugu State, Federal Republic Of Nigeria
Size: 67 000 SQM
Services provided: Master Planning, Grading and Drainage Plan, Site Construction Documents
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